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Hitting the Road

Tomorrow, me and six others from Journey are heading to Granger Community Church to attend some ministry workshops. I’ve been to them before, but this will be the first time for everyone else coming on this trip. I’m excited to see how this will stretch them and challenge them in their areas of ministry.

The workshops we’ll be attending are:

  • First Impressions: Four of the core leaders of our Guest Services team will be learning how to make lasting and impactful first impressions and “wow moments” for our guests and regulars. (I’ve attended this workshop in the past – about 3 years ago – and they’re really in for a treat)
  • Pop Goes the Church: A new workshop being offered for the first time tomorrow based off the book that Tim Stevens, the leader of the workshop and pastor at Granger, wrote and is just hitting the shelves. Pastor Bob is attending this one (I’m jealous!) about learning how to redeem and leverage pop-culture in the church.
  • Maximizing Media: Our resident video guru, Josh Rubino, will be attending this one. I hope this really takes our use of media (which isn’t too bad) to the next level – and beyond!
  • Worship Leader’s Forum: I’ll be attending this one. I’m really looking forward to networking with other people who are in the same boat as me and getting some practical advice on some issues I’ve been struggling with.

Other than the fact that we have to be on the road at 6:00am, is should be a very rewarding and mind-stretching day!

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