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Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday, April 12 at Journey

Series: Be Contagious

Title: “Infected”

The Songs

You Are Good, Israel Houghton

  • First time using this one, but it was a hit and a lot of fun to jump-start the service.

Happy Day, Tim Hughes

  • Another great one to keep the energy up. We don’t use this one a lot, but it’s always a hit when we do.

Let Creation Sing, Hillsong United

  • We do this one regularly and the congregation knows it really well.  Another great song.

All Because of Jesus, Steve Fee

  • First time we’ve done this one at Journey. It’s a good song and I think that congregation picked it up pretty good.

My Redeemer Lives, Hillsongs

  • Another one we don’t do often, but it’s a lot of fun and a great ending to the morning.

It was a great day at Journey this week. The team did a fantastic job and there was so much energy today. I’m so proud of everyone today!

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Were you at Journey this week? Share your thoughts!

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