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Grand Rapids Tells Newsweek it’s Alive and Well

Josh (on the left), one of Journey's worship team members helped make the lip-dub happen

A few months ago, our city of Grand Rapids, Michigan was listed in a Newsweek article as one of the ten dying cities in the United States. That inspired a bunch of people in Grand Rapids who believed that our city was not just not dying, but rather thriving, to show the world just how grand it is. One of those people was Journey’s own Josh Rubino who helped produce a record-breaking almost 10 minute long lip-dub showcasing downtown Grand Rapids and the people who love the city. Somewhere around 5,000 people showed up to be a part of the video and it turned out great. Journey’s proud of our city and proud of Josh – take a look at the video! (In the first 24 hours, it was viewed over 150,000 times, has been featured on Inside Edition and it even prompted an apology from Newsweek about the original article!) Maybe we can get Josh to help make a Journey lip dub…

The Grand Rapids Lip Dub


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