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Fun Stuff This Summer

Two things I’m very excited about this summer at Journey: Our July series!!

Beginning in July, we offer a Thursday evening service in addition to Sunday mornings. Thursday evenings are different from Sunday. They’re more casual (if that’s possible) since they’re held outside on our property and they’re designed to be fun and relaxed. This year, our Thursday night series for July is “Face the Music”. We’ll be looking at the music of different decades each week and learning what people were looking for. We’ll explore where they looked to find it and see if we can offer a better alternative! We’re kicking the series off on July 10th with the 1960’s. To add to the feel of the era, the entire worship team will be dressing to fit the part and we’re encouraging everyone else to do the same. Yeah, it will be fun and probably a little silly, but who said church has to be boring. We’re going to uncover some things that humanity is searching for and offer the best place to find it – in Christ!

On Sunday mornings in July, we’re going to have a similar series: “God at the Box Office”. We’re going to take a look at some recent popular movies and uncover some spiritual undertones, great questions that they raise or points that can open up discussion with our friends and family. This will be a series packed with media and it will open your eyes to see God’s truths expressed in one of the most powerful art forms of our time – movies. After all: all truth is God’s truth, so we shouldn’t be surprised if musicians and movie makers get it right – even the ones who don’t know His truth yet!

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