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The days of anxiously waiting by the mailbox are over – I finally got my creativity tools that I talked about before. Of the tools that I got, there is one that has really captured my attention: Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack. It’s a simple tool that I can see getting used a lot around here! It’s a deck of cards, 64 total, with a different creativity strategy on each one. Sounds simple and it really is, but they can be extremely useful! They list out several ways to use the cards in the instructions, and I can envision others that would be cool:

  1. Group Brainwhacking: Select a topic. (A problem, a situation, a product, anything) Deal out five or so cards to each person. Then starting with the person to the left of the dealer, select one card and tell how the message pertains to the topic. After they comment, anyone else can add to it. Then the next person shares a card, and so on. We tried this today to talk through an issue we were facing and it was very helpful to come at the problem for several different angles at a time and it really brought us to some good conclusions.
  2. Creative License at Meetings: At the beginning of a meeting, deal out five cards to each participant. The cards give each person a creative license to make a point relating to the card. As you work through the meeting agenda, a person can play a card at any time if they feel the message will help the meeting. I’m going to use this one a lot with my meetings – Staff, Worship Team, and Creative Team. As a twist, since I have people who don’t talk much on some of the teams, I might stipulate that they have to play all their cards before the meeting is over…

And the list could go on…

Overall, I think this will be a big hit and help improve creativity in our meetings around here, something that’s always a good thing!!

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