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Creation vs. Evolution

Tonight at “God in the Garage”, Journey’s Bible study held at Logan’s Roadhouse, we tackled the topic of Creation vs. Evolution. This time, I got to lead the discussion since Pastor Bob is with our mission team in Mississippi.

I really like studying things like this. So much of the time we focus so heavily on the Gospel that we can overlook the other parts of the Bible. There’s so much that we breeze past or overlook in the first few chapters of Genesis. For instance:

  • Chapter 1 talks about the 6 days of creation. 6 days. When you go to the original text, the word used is to describe a 24 hour period – not a greater expanse of time. (Hence using the phrase “there was morning and evening”) Everything that exists was created in those 6 days – I sometimes struggle to put together an hour long worship service in 2 weeks time!
  • How much time passed between creation and the flood? There’s a specific genealogy that follows from Adam to Noah. Depending on how conservative you are with the numbers, anywhere from 1600-2000 years. Think about how advanced the civilization must have been at that time – and beyond that, how large the population must have been! I’ve seen estimates that place the population of the antediluvian (a big word for “pre-flood”) world at anywhere from 5 to 17 BILLION people (right now, there are only 6.8 billion people on earth).

Opening next week is a documentary called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” In it, Ben Stein interviews members of the scientific community about the evidence for or against evolution and looks specifically at the scientists who are being persecuted for their belief in a God who created everything that we see. I’m looking forward to checking it out. We’re going to watch it next time for “God in the Garage” and talk about it afterward.

I love learning and studying this stuff. It’s probably because I just learned the basics of it in Sunday school but never went back to take it deeper until relatively recently in life. But while I like studying it, I’m not sure I’m ready to get out and debate it quite yet. I probably have internalized more of what I’ve read than I realize, but I still feel so underprepared to take on someone in a debate. I think there’s lots of others out there who feel as I do. Maybe more opportunities like tonight and next time will help to encourage those who wish they had answers for those questions when they arrive.

So what about you? What topics could you spend hours digging in to?

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