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With the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate causing a bit of a stir and getting some attention from the world inside and outside of the church, there has been a little more talk about creation and the beginning of everything.

In the beginningI picked up a book last week that had been in my shopping cart online for a little while now, and I’m so glad that I did! In the Beginning, God: Creation from God’s Perspective by Joel Heck is a short but powerful book about creation, the Bible and why what we believe about the beginning of it all really matters.

Throughout nearly all of human history, Creationism has been the dominate belief regarding the beginning of the world. It’s only in the last 150-200 years or so that the view has been challenged.

Our redemption is intimately connected with the creation. To weaken Genesis is to weaken the Gospel istelf, which has its origin in the opening chapters of Genesis. Joel Heck: In the Beginning, p. 38

Joel breaks his book into four parts:

  1. A verse by verse look at the original Hebrew text of Genesis 1. In it, he gives insight to how the text was read and understood by it’s original audience and how the church has read it since it was written.
  2. The context of Genesis 1. How did the readers of the Old Testament understand Genesis 1? What did Jesus and the New Testament authors believe about Genesis 1? And how are we to interpret the one word that everyone wants to challenge: Day? On an interesting side note, Joel points out that the word “day” is really the only word that anyone ever wants to challenge in the creation account or claim that it’s symbolic. We don’t usually have a problem with “created,” “heavens and the earth,” or any of the other words used – just “day.” Something I had never considered before.
  3. The genre and interpretation of Genesis 1. Opponents of young earth creationism often claim that Genesis 1 (and even the first ten or so chapters) are poetry. But that’s simply not the case. In the Hebrew, it’s historical narrative.
  4. Recent scientific research. The position of the scientific community has been extremely hostile toward any research that does not support the theories of the big bang and evolution, even though there is much evidence out there that is contrary to these views. Joel briefly shares several areas that conflict.

It’s a short little book – just 80 pages – so it’s a quick read. But in those 80 pages, you’ll find them packed with valuable information to help make sense of the arguments that are out there regarding the beginning of everything from a Biblical perspective.  Plus, it’s only $3.99 on Amazon or on sale for $2.99 on CPH and you really can’t go wrong with that!

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