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I’m over in Ann Arbor, Michigan giving a presentation to Michigan area church planters at the LCMS Michigan District office today about church marketing and I thought I’d share the resources I’m using here for everyone to access. Marketing is about so much more than advertisements and websites. There’s a quote from the book Church Marketing 101that states:

God is not as interested in promotion as He is in preparation. He is more concerned that you have created an environment to retain those who visit your church than He is that you compel them to come in. After all, when you have not prepared yourself, you do a poor job of representing Him. And although He is gloriously omnipotent, He is often shortchanged by our ability to connect with the outside world. (p. 20)

The first and most important step in starting to market your church is preparation. One tool to help create a consistent brand is your style guide. A style guide helps create a unified brand and presence to your community. It can be as specific or basic as you need it to be, covering things like logos, fonts, terminology and practices when it comes to matters of style and content.

Your Style Guide

Here are some other books, blogs and articles I shared (and some I didn’t) with the church planters. It would have been easy to do a whole week-long presentation on marketing, but that would have been overkill for sure! Hopefully, someone found the information I shared helpful and churches will take some steps in their marketing journeys!

Church Marketing Books

Church Marketing Blogs

 Church Marketing Articles, Tips and Tools

What other great resources are out there that you’ve found? Share them in the comments!

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