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Carl Starner, 1947-2009

Today was the memorial for my father who passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks ago.  I though I’d share this video I had put together for the funeral looking back over his life. I ended up not finishing it because we decided that we’d do a slide show instead of a video so we could keep it going in the background, so it ends a little abruptly.  I know it won’t mean much to most of you, since you didn’t know my dad, but maybe this will help.

4 thoughts on “Carl Starner, 1947-2009

  1. Matthew, how special of a slideshow you have done. I know you and Nicole were a blessing to him. What you have done for him in the slideshow means he will never be forgotten. You know we all love you both and we can’t say we understand, we both know when we lose a parent part of your heart goes with them and for everyone that part hurts in a different way. Keep him alive in your memories of him, laugh & cry that will keep him with you forever.

  2. Matthew,
    I know you don’t know me, but Ive known your mom her whole life and I knew your dad for a long time (from the racing days with Frank). Sorry to hear about his passing.

    Joe Fecho

  3. Carl was my uncle. We lost he and my Mom, Vicki, way to soon.

    Matthew, I hope you and Nicole are doing well. I love you both. Your cousin, Shelley

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