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Buzz 2007

Well, the Buzz Conference 07 is over. I’m still processing and digesting everything that we took in and I think it will be a while before I completely get it processed. As Mark Batterson said, it was a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant. Here’s some highlights of the conference:

Day 1: Theater Church Lunch – got to meet with lots of other folks who are currently or are planning to meet in movie theaters. Got some creative ideas as well as some encouragement that we’re getting the theater for a bargain compared to what others are spending!

Following the theater church lunch, we got to see NCC Undercover. National Community Church and Lead Pastor Mark Batterson gave us all an inside look at how and why NCC functions. Lots of helpful information – and again encouragement as we find that we’re not all that different – in fact, we’re ahead of where they were at our point in the game.

Day 2: Mark Batterson leads us in the first session based on Numbers 13 and the spies being sent into the promised land. He shares with us the Moscow Rules – an unwritten list of rules for spies and translates them to apply to us in the church.

In Session 2, Tim Stevens talked about what is Buzzworthy and how do you create buzz. I’ve always enjoyed Tim’s writing and this was my first time hearing him speak at a conference. He included lots of media in his presentation and gave me some good ideas.

In Session 3, Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch.tv shared some great thoughts. One that really rocked my world was his formula: Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation. Just think about that for a minute…

The evening wrapped up with a film festival – what was awesome. I took lots of notes and came away with some great ideas for videos in the future.

Day 3: Craig Groeschel again delivered an awesome talk called ‘It’. This was not something that I was expecting and was just totally captivated by what he was saying. I’ll share more about this talk in particular in a later post.

Mark Batterson wrapped up the conference finishing his Moscow List discussion.

Overall, this was one of the best conference’s I’ve ever been to. It was exciting to get to meet some of the people like Mark and Tim who I’ve followed in the blog world for some time now as well as meeting lots of new people.

I’ll share more about the conference in some upcoming posts and go into a little more detail about the sessions, so stay tuned!

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