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Bonus Tracks: Giving When You Have No Money

Last Sunday at Journey we talked about the importance of giving. It’s one of those things that every church has to talk about but no one likes to talk about. Money is one of those touchy subjects in people’s lives because no one wants to be told how they should be using their resources or that they need to change their spending habits. Often, churches start these sort of messages and sermons off with an apology: “If you’re checking us out for the first time, please come back next week – we’re only talking about money this one Sunday.” But why is that. Giving is a condition of the heart and something that needs to be addressed. So are a whole host of other things. Essentially we’re saying “I’m sorry if you have a giving problem. We’ll only make you feel uncomfortable this one week.” That’s like saying “I’m sorry if you’re one of those people who holds on to grudges because we’re going to talk about the importance of forgiveness this week.” It’s a spiritual issue that deserves to be addressed from time to time – albeit tactfully. 

I came across an article from a blog called Dumb Little Man. The blog is full of tips to “save you money, increase productivity and keep you sane” (from their blog). I’ve been following it for a couple of years and there’s some really great stuff there. One article in particular came to mind this week in the wake of our Sunday on giving – an article titled: How to Give to Charity When You Don’t Have Money to Spare.  I’ll let you read the article on their site rather than repost it here. Go ahead. I’ll wait. …

Did you read it? Good! I like the three main points the author makes but I think the first one is the most important to remember: Even a small amount is ok to give. Remember the saying “pennies count?” Well, they do! Even small amounts of money are good. And, if you’ve never given before, don’t assume you can start off at $100 a month! Take baby steps! But remember to actually take those steps. Like all things spiritual, where you are now or where you start should not be where you are a year from now.  Or two years from now. Or five.  Or ten. Our spiritual life is meant to be growing and progressing. It doesn’t have to be by leaps and bounds – even slow and steady is ok!

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