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Being Transformers

This past Sunday at Journey, we wrapped up our Transformers series with a bang! We’ve been talking about transforming the world around us, so we decided to put our words to action. Worship went for just 30 minutes, then we sent everyone out shopping. We arranged to help out one of the local food pantry’s that was woefully under-stocked. We sent everyone out with a shopping list of items that the pantry was in need of: canned veggies, cereal, canned fruit… all the important stuff and we told them to buy whatever they could and then bring it back to the Cinema parking lot. I was so proud of Journey! As people were leaving, they weren’t looking too thrilled and I figured most would probably just leave. I was overwhelmed by the response. We had so much food that we couldn’t fit it on the tables we had set out for it. It was so great to see everyone – even those who were guests that day – participate. We topped the day off by having hot dogs and popcorn in the parking lot and just hanging out as a church.

This morning, we delivered the trailer full of food to the pantry. They were so delighted that we had given them all this food. What a terrific feeling to know that we really helped to make a difference in the lives of the many people who depend on the food pantry to help them through a tough time.

It’s days like these that make me love my job!

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