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Awesome Sunday

Easter at Journey was great- our biggest service ever! And it’s been a day weeks in the making.

Over the last 5 Sundays, we’ve been going through a series called “Greater Than” where we looked at things that God is greater than: our fear, disappointment, hurt, confusion and failures. Each week, we gave everyone a marker and a piece of lighting gel and had them write their fears, failures, hurts, etc. on the gel. At the offering, we asked everyone to offer them to God.

On good Friday, we placed them on to a couple boards and talked about the brokenness that is our lives. The jagged pieces looked like shattered glass, broken and destroyed. It was a powerful reminder of what sin does to our world.

Then, on Sunday, we assembled the pieces into a stained glass window. Jesus took our brokenness and put us back together. If you look close enough, you can still see the pieces, but when you step back, the light of the Son shines through so brightly that it eclipses our hurts, fears, and disappointments. We are whole and a new creation.

The effect was amazing! I watched as person after person came in and went “wow!” Then after a second or two, they realized that they were looking at the pieces they had filled out. It was really cool to see people take it all in.

It was an amazing weekend but I’m glad that it’s over. All those hours of planning and preparation really paid off! Now it’s on to the next task…

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