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Awareness Test

Watch this video first, then continue on below.

Interesting, isn’t it? I showed this video to our marketing team at our last meeting and we challenged them to think about it’s implications with Journey, specifically from a marketing perspective. We send out postcards regularly and we advertise at the cinema before every movie. How do we get people to be aware of us?

For those in the theater before a movie, I think it’s easier for them to be aware as it’s a relatively focused environment. All the seats face the screen, the lights are dim and there’s sound and video coming from the front. But when it comes to our postcards, it’s easier for them to get lost in the shuffle. We have an important message, but is it being seen amidst the other distractions? One thought was to be as creative as possible. However, creativity alone isn’t enough. The bear in the video was creative, but I bet you missed it the first time.

The problem with the video above and the postcards is the statement at the end of the video: It’s easy to miss what you’re not looking for. Our challenge is how do we get people to look for us? It’s a discussion that’s still going and I think will be for some time.

Our next series at Journey is Special Agents. We’re going to redefine what being a church is all about and challenge our people to accept the mission. This conversation will continue at Journey over the weeks ahead. I’m looking forward to where it goes.

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