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Adventures in Marblehead

Pastor Bob and I are hanging out in Marblehead, Ohio for the next couple days at a leadership retreat. It’s an annual gathering of church workers that goes back a number of years.  The Summit, as it’s called, is an informal gathering of church workers, mostly youth workers, who come together to get refreshed, grow and refocus.  In the past, different speakers or workshops were offered, but this year it’s a little less formal.

On the drive over, Bob and I were talking about how we were looking to just unplug from the craziness for a couple of days and we decided that if nothing productive came from being here, that was ok with us!

Marblehead LighthouseIt seems like burn-out is a common theme this year. It’s a smaller group than we’ve had in past years (only 8 people) and everyone here seemed to resonate with needing to be recharged. Burn out is always something that’s a heartbeat away from those in ministry. It’s hard to understand from the outside, but ministry is not like other jobs in that it’s your whole life. You don’t get to stop at 5:00 and leave work at work – it’s who you are and it can be extremely draining.

The last few months have felt like we’ve been running at top speed and it’s so nice to finally stop and catch our breath.  We’re only here until Wednesday after lunch, but we’re going to soak up all that we can. There will be some great discussions too – some topics that I’m looking forward to:

  • Finding balance in ministry and life (I NEED THIS ONE)
  • The difference between faith and realityHow do you help people who say they are Christian but their actions don’t agree AND they don’t see a problem with it?
  • Trends in ministrywhat’s going on in different places?

Plus, we’ll have plenty of time to relax by Lake Erie, go for walks to the Marblehead Lighthouse and check out the quaint little town of Marblehead.

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