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A Christmas Tale Recap

Well, the Christmas program has come and gone. It was a tremendous success. Take a look at some of the numbers:

  • Over 25 – the number of people who were involved in some way with presenting the story. From actors and musicians to singers and our choreographer to those who organized the tables.
  • Over 150 – the number of people who attended – a large number of which are not connected with Journey – there’s a huge chance that someone got to hear the real story of Christmas for the first time.
  • 241 – The number of man-hours spent rehearsing for this program over a 5 week span of time. That’s not including individual practice time!
  • Countless – The number of fun stories and memories that were created both between cast and crew at rehearsals and performance and within those who were there to watch.
  • Just 1 – The number of people we needed to touch to make it all worthwhile.

Yep – It looks like a success to me!!

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