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25 Things I Hate About Facebook

On the heals of yesterday’s post about some Facebook security tips, here’s a great video about the 25 most annoying things about Facebook.

(Video Link for those viewing in a reader or on facebook)

No, I don’t agree with everything on the list, but pretty darn close. (I finally added the flair application after about 734,214,051 requests from a handful of dedicated fans – let’s just say I’m not thrilled with it yet and it might get the axe soon…) While there are certainly things to be annoyed about (hello, bumper stickers and the other endless application requests…) there is certainly a lot of value in Facebook. For me, the value comes in having a connection to a wide array of people – from people I know really well (old classmates, family, close friends) to people I’d like to get to know better (leaders, writers and musicians – mostly within the church, but some outside the church).

What things would you add to or remove from the list?

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