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2007 – A Look Back

This past Sunday at Journey, we took a look back at 2007 and compiled a “Top 10” countdown – the top ten things that happened at Journey this past year. It was a lot of fun and I thought I’d share it here.


10: Special Guest Sarah Grivas – Sarah joined us in our “Battle Within” series in March as we looked at the 7 deadly sins. She brought her expertise and shared some eye opening facts about lust. She helped us to understand what lust is all about and why it’s such a dangerous thing.

9: Summer Worship – We offered an opportunity for people to worship during the week that was different than Sunday’s worship – and in a different location. We held the services on our property, outside on the lawn in the summer evenings. They were casual, laid back services with a great atmosphere.

8: The Volunteer Hunter – A series of short videos we put together for a service we did about finding your place on a ministry team. We had lots of fun putting together these videos. If you’re on Facebook, you can find them here.

7: God in the Garage – We started a Bible study at Logan’s Roadhouse in their garage (hence the name…) late in the evening – starting at 8:00pm. It’s received great and attendance grows quickly.

6: C3 (Care and Compassion for our Community) – A new ministry we started this fall where we come together once a month on a Saturday and make a difference in our world. We’ve been called to make this world a better place – this is our chance to make that happen.

5: HEROES – In November, we celebrated our volunteer’s – our Heroes – with a special evening. We spent the time honoring all those who give their time and energy into making Journey what it is. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

4: A Christmas Tale – Our Christmas program this year. We put together a fun and creative presentation of the Christmas story and invited Journey to invite their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It was a full house and a tremendously fun evening.

3: Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico – This summer we sent a team of around 30 people to build a house for a family in Mexico. It was an amazing time for everyone on the team, as well as the rest of Journey as we went with them through helping with fundraisers, supporting individuals, and getting to hear from them in church via cell phone while they were away.

2: Journey’s One Year Anniversary, September 16th – We launched lots of new ministries on our anniversary – The Connections Cafe, Crossroads Resources and our Guest Services Center, as well as growing our other ministry teams. We went from about 30 people involved in ministry to over 75.

And the number one thing from 2007: Our “Transformers” series finale – We started the service as normal but stopped it after about 10 minutes. We had spent the entire series talking about being a positive influence and making a difference in our world, now it was time to step up. We sent everyone out shopping for a local food pantry that was woefully under-stocked. We ended up filling a trailer with food and supplies to last them for weeks.

There were lots of other things that could have made the list, but these were the big ones – things that set the mark to which all future events must meet or exceed. Planning is already underway for 2008 and we’re getting excited about some of the things we’ve got planned. We’re looking forward to seeing what makes the list next year!

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